The IJDS Gan is an action packed and fun filled environment, rich with a Kodesh and Chol curriculum in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) legislations and protocol. The EYFS provides detailed targets according to age in the seven areas of development. Furthermore, it ensures that each child is given the choice to learn and reach their maximum potential at their own pace in a variety of methods. Below are just some of the wonderful activities the children will take part in:

The month of Tishrei is full of exciting Chaggim! Rosh Hashanah will see the children learning about the different symbols associated with the chag by playing fun games, as well as singing lots of songs! They will be able to taste an apple dipped in honey and will make honey cake! Rabbi Singer has blown the shofar for the Gan so they were able to experience it and learn the different sounds it makes. They also will be making beautiful כרטיס ברכה  to send home!

For Yom Kippur, the children and learning all the things we are allowed and not allowed to do on this special day. They will also be making slippers!

Succot is particularly exciting as we will be building our own real Succah in the Gan, outside for the children to experience it for themselves! They will be making their own decorations as well as learning about the ארבעת המינים and making a lulav and Etrog. They will of course be singing lots of songs!

Simchat Torah will see the children making their own flags and learning songs!

The festival of light; Channukah brings lots more fun to the Gan! The entire Gan will be decorated in lights! The children will hear about the miracle of Channukah and will count each day of the festival. We will have a dark tent for the children to experiment with light and dark as well as making donuts! We will also be hosting a special show full of wonderful songs!

Included in all these delightful Chaggim activities, the children will also be learning Parashat Hashavua! Each week the children will take part in an activity for each Parasha. A great example is during Bereshit, they will learn about Noah and will make their own arcs!

Our Phonics programme will include sound recognition games – Sound bingo – as well as singing the jolly phonics songs for the letters S, A and T.

Our Maths programme will include playing a variation of fun games to work on their number recognition for 1-10. They will learn to count objects and match them to the correct number. The children will also be introduced to the Shape Buddies in order to learn shapes and learn to recognise them in their environments!

Embedded in our amazing programme of both Kodesh and Chol, Ivrit remains at the very heart of it all. We are constantly working to expand the children’s vocabulary; in every activity and even in simple everyday phrases and instructions, the children learn to incorporate the Ivrit words too. For example in Maths, numbers are shapes are taught in both English and Ivrit. Our aim is to always ensure the children fulfil their maximum potential at their own pace and in their chosen methods… and of course to have fun! We look forward to another wonderful year b”h!

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