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Health and Safety Policy

General statement

  1. The Governors of the Independent Jewish Day School give the health and safety of pupils, staff and visitors the highest priority.

  2. The Governors will co-operate with the DfE in health and safety matters.

  3. The Governors welcome comments and ideas generally, and particularly from staff.

Duties of head teacher (HT) & school business manager (SBM).

The Governors have instructed the head teacher and the school business manager –

  • to monitor the operation of this policy (including a regular health and safety audit in the last term of each school year)

  • to make any necessary arrangements for the proper operation of this policy

  • to report to the Governors on the operation of this policy at their last meeting in each school year and at other appropriate times

  • To ensure that staff with particular duties under this policy are aware of, and in a position to perform, those duties

  • To ensure that staff and (so far as appropriate) pupils are made aware of the provisions of this policy

  • To ensure that a copy of this policy is available in a prominent and accessible place in the school office and on the school network

  • To encourage staff to comment on health and safety matters.

Child Protection

The school complies with the London Borough of Barnet Area Child Protection Committee Child Protection Procedures, a copy of which will be made available by the school secretary on request.  The designated members of staff for child protection issues are the head teacher and the senco (and the deputy head teacher in their absence)

First Aid

A first aid kit will be available in a prominent and accessible place in the medical room at all times.  It will contain:

  • guidance card

  • sterile dressings

  • sterile eye pads

  • triangular bandages

  • safety pins

  • sterile unmedicated wound dressings

  • plastic gloves

  • moist cleansing wipes

  • disposal bags and closers (and bin liners)

  • blunt ended stainless steel scissors

  • face child for resuscitation.

Mrs. Dor will ensure that the kits contain a sufficient supply of fresh materials.

The following members of staff (first aiders) administer medical first aid:

Mrs Janine Dor                     Mrs Rosa Conway               Mrs Tammy Gee

Mrs Carole Levy                   Mrs Joceyne Lipman           Mrs Nadiva Marks

Miss Tzippy Orenstein        Mrs Abena Palmer               Mrs Jane Watson

Miss Lisa Wolf            


The SBM will ensure that this list is kept up to date.


The SBM will ensure that one of the staff listed above is present whenever there are pupils on the premises and that they attend school outings (and take a first aid kit)

In the event of injury or illness one of the first aiders will administer such treatment as is appropriate, and where appropriate ensure that:

  • an ambulance or Hatzola are called

  • arrangements are made for speedy access

  • pupils are kept away from the ill or injured person.


If a pupil is removed from the school by a doctor or ambulance, or is given significant treatment on the premises, one of the first aiders will ensure that the condition and whereabouts of the child is notified promptly to

  • the head teacher  or a member of the SLT

  • a parent, guardian or appropriate relative of the pupil.


Staff are not to expose themselves to risk of illness or injury in administering first aid.  Disposable gloves from the first aid kit should be worn when necessary to avoid skin contact with the patent’s bodily fluids, and resuscitation may be attempted only using a protective mouth shield.

Except in the course of the administration of first aid, medicines will be administered to a pupil only with written instructions from the pupil’s parent.


When an accident occurs (which includes illness) the most senior member of staff who becomes aware of the accident is responsible for ensuring that the following paragraphs are complied with

  • any areas affected will be cleared, cleaned and, where appropriate, disinfected, as soon as practicable

  • pupils and staff will so far as possible be kept away

If an accident makes all or part of the school unsafe for occupation (for example, because of flooding), evacuation of the school or the area affected will take place in accordance with the Fire Safety section

The book for the recording of accidents is kept in the medical room

The accident will, as soon as practicable, be recorded in the accident book.

In the event of serious injury the parent/emergency contact should be contacted immediately using the contact numbers held in the main office and requested to collect their child to take home or to go to hospital, as appropriate.  Medical treatment or advice should not be delayed if parents or emergency contacts are not available.

In circumstances where a pupil needs to be taken to hospital immediately by ambulance and a parent is not available to accompany him/her, a member of the school staff should go to the hospital to await the arrival of the parent.  On occasion it may be necessary to take an injured pupil to hospital in a vehicle belonging to a member of staff.  Before this occurs, staff should ensure that their insurance covers this eventuality.  Staff should be aware that hospital staff will stabilise the casualty’s condition until the parents arrive and give consent to further treatment.

Fire safety

Any member of staff discovering a fire is responsible for ensuring that the following action is taken as soon as possible:

  • the fire alarm should be sounded;

  • evacuation procedures should be followed as per the fire drill notices around the school (see appendix fire drill)

When the first alarm sounds:

  1. The SBM and/or secretary will ensure that

    1. class registers for all pupils are taken to the playground

    2. class registers are called

    3. so far as possible and safe a search of the school premises is carried out to ensure that nobody remains

    4. arrangements are made for speedy access by the emergency service

    5. staff and pupils will remain in the playground until the head teacher or SBM gives directions for dispersal.

The head teacher will arrange a fire drill once in every school term.

The head teacher and the SBM will ensure that fire drills and incidents are recorded as soon as practicable in a book kept in the Head Teacher’s office.

Fire equipment will be tested once in every year by the borough Fire Officers.  The alarm will be tested every week by the caretaker, and serviced twice a year by the school’s maintenance company.

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that exits and corridors are free from obstruction at all times.  Staff are responsible to report to the SBM (or in her absence to the SLT) if they are unable to clear the obstruction themselves.


It is the responsibility of the security officer, assisted by parents performing security duty

  • to keep the orange-lined road immediately outside the school clear at all times

  • to prevent children from leaving the school unaccompanied

  • to challenge visitors

  • to ensure that all visitors sign in and out in the visitors book

  • to follow the guidance notes kept in the security office

Supervision outside class time in the playground

A member of staff will supervise children between 8.15 a.m. and the start of the morning session each day.

During breaks, two members of staff or other adults will supervise.

At lunch-time a Meal Time Supervisor will be on duty, assisted by one teacher.

Contractors and visitors

All contractors and visitors will report to the security officer on arrival.

The security officer will direct all contractors and visitors to the school office, and alert the school office accordingly.

The school secretary will ensure that any contractor or visitor present during school hours is accompanied at all times by a member of staff

Any contractor carrying out work on the premises at any time shall

  • are expected to observe the safety rules of the school as set out in the School’s health and safety policy

  • give evidence to the school business manager of their employers’ liability and other insurance

  • not leave tools or equipment accessible to pupils

  • make appropriate arrangements for keeping children away from the area affected

  • familiarise themselves with fire and security procedures

  • work under the general supervision of the caretaker or the school business manager

Electrical Safety

  • Portable electrical equipment will be inspected by a suitable company once every year

  • Staff will not bring electrical equipment into the school without the headteacher’s permission.

  • Pupils using electrical equipment will be supervised at all times and will be given appropriate instructions and warnings.

  • The head teacher will issue such guidance as he considers appropriate in connection with the use of electronic visual display units VDU.


  • The SBM will monitor the performance of the school’s cleaning contract.  She will report any deficiency in cleanliness or hygiene to the contractors and, if necessary, to the Governors.


  • Written consent must be given by parents for all outings at the beginning of the school year.  Parents will be asked to sign an additional consent form for residential outings.

  • Parents will be given as much notice as possible of outings planned

  • The Educational Outings Policy will include further information regarding Risk Assessments and ratios.


The head teacher will ensure that staff:

  • receive induction training in the contents of this policy on joining the school; and

  • receive annual reminders of their health and safety responsibilities

  • that first aiders qualifications are up to date

  • that a reasonable number of members of staff are trained in the use of fire extinguishers.


In this policy “parent” includes guardian.


  • This policy was adopted at the meeting of the Governors on Monday 26th March 2012.

  • This policy will be considered and, if necessary, revised by the Senior Leadership Team.

  • Comments on this policy can be given to the head teacher or sent to the Chairman of the Governors (c/o the school office).

Reviewed: January 2017

Signed:      Rabbi Ebrahimoff

                   Head Teacher

Medication Policy
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