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Charges and Remissions Policy


All education during school hours is free. We do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum with the exception of individual music tuition.

Voluntary contributions

The school invites parents to make voluntary contributions in order to enrich the curriculum and their children’s educational experience. These contributions are voluntary. Children and parents are treated equally regardless of their willingness or ability to contribute.

When organising additional activities, the school may invite parents to contribute to the cost of the activity. All contributions are voluntary. Children whose parents are not able to make a contribution will be included in the activity. We do not treat these children differently in any way.

The following is a list of additional activities organised by the school, which may require voluntary contributions from parents. These activities are known as ‘optional extras’. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Educational outings

  • Visits to the theatre

  • Musical events

Residential visits

Parents are charged for board and lodging only, the charge will not exceed the actual cost of board and lodging per child.

Parents of children with statements and children eligible for Free School Meals would not be required to meet the full costs of board and lodging. 

School Dinners

Parents are required to meet the cost of school dinners unless they have obtained a Free School Meal entitlement.


Extended Nursery provision

Parents are charged termly for provision outside the free entitlement in accordance with Section 27 of the Education Act 2002.

Lost school materials

Parents may be requested to replace school materials such as books which have been lost by their child.

Breakages and damages to school property

Wilful damage to school buildings or property by a pupil may be charged to parents by the school.

Music tuition

All children study music as part of the normal school curriculum. We do not charge for this.There is a charge for individual music tuition if this is not part of the National Curriculum. We provide parents with information about additional music tuition at the start of each academic year.


The school organises swimming activities for the pupils. These take place during school hours and are part of the National Curriculum. There is no charge for these activities. We inform parents when these sessions are to take place.


The school offers optional Extra Curriculum Activities which take place after school hours. These include music lessons, jujitsu, gymnastics, basketball and netball.  There is a charge for these sessions. The school offers a number of optional Kodesh (Jewish Studies) ECAs.  There is no charge for these sessions. 

Signed:    Rabbi J Ebrahimoff

                Head Teacher

Date:       04.01.2017

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